Five lists to make if you need a motivation boost!

If you’re struggling with motivation at the moment, sometimes writing a few lists will reset your mindset and get you thinking more positively and productively.

Things you’re grateful for

Whether it’s your family, your job, your house, your spouse or just the fact that you have access to the internet as a vast free resource to help you learn anything you want or entertain you 24 hours per day. Take some time to think of at least 5 things that you’re grateful for.

Things you want to be

How do you want to feel? What kind of person do you want to be? Think about the personality traits that you want to have and what your life would be like when you have them. What skills do you want to have? Doing this always gives me a little boost of motivation.

Things you want to do

Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel, maybe you’ve always wanted to surf, perhaps you just want to ask someone out on a date! Or go to a gig to see your favourite band. This list should be exciting, and a mix of big and small. I love this list, and I try to get about 10 big and 10 small things on it. Then make a plan of how I could get them all done. Its fun to dream!

Things you want to own

Another great list – I usually have a car and a house on the list and spend a good while researching exactly which one. It doesn’t actually matter which one I pick, the whole exercise of looking up posh houses gets me giddy and thinking about interior design! This list is almost never realistic for me, but that’s most of the fun of it and it really gets me inspired!

Places you want to go

Ah, a travel bucket list…. One of the most exciting ways to spend a quiet evening gradually browsing pictures on pinterest looking for beautiful places to visit! I recommend coming up with a couple of lists – one that contains places within a few hours drive of your house so that you can easily visit them, another that has short haul travel destinations and one with more long haul trips. That way its more feasible to work your way through one off each list every year whilst saving up for the bigger trips. For me, half of the fun of travelling is researching all of the places that I’ll visit when I get there so this exercise always gets me excited for my next trip.

So, if you’ve managed to make all of these lists, hopefully you’ve got a pretty clear idea of what your dream life would be like and the type of person you would like to be. If that doesn’t get you fired up with the motivation to take action in the right direction then I don’t know what will!!

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