Why Personal Development is a Waste of Time

What a thing to write about on what is essentially a personal development website! But seriously, there are plenty of reasons why personal development is a necessary part of your success in life and work. Where I get frustrated on this though is where people think that personal development just for the sake of it is a good thing to spend time on. Personal development only works if you actually implement the things that you’ve learned.

Here are three reasons why personal development can be a bad thing:

1. It tricks you into thinking that you’re doing something towards your goals

Reading or learning more about how to do something is a psychological trick. It makes you feel like you’re doing something towards your goals when in reality, you could be procrastinating. If you’ve found that you have spent a lot of time learning how to do something but haven’t put it into practice yet, this could be a sign that you’re using personal development to put off taking the scary step.

2. The best way to learn is by DOING

Often when we think about personal development, we’re reading books / blogs / doing courses rather than actually making a start and trying things out. Most of the best learnings come through failure, and we have to try in order to fail.

3. It uses resources we would otherwise be using on trying things out

Whether this is money that you’ve spent on an online course or time that you’ve spent when you could otherwise have been investing that time in growing your business or your team, our resources are finite and we need to make sure we’re spending them in the most productive way.

That’s why I always try to structure lessons on this site to drive you to take action. You’ll find that most of the courses are fairly boring if you just read through them and don’t do anything for yourself with the content. My courses and boot camps are made to get you started if you don’t know where to begin AND give you tangible tasks to help you put the learnings into practice.

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