Present with Confidence Workbook 1

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Present with confidence workbook 1 – Overcome the fear and deliver an epic presentation

In the first workbook of the “Present with confidence” series we’re addressing the main issue that a lot of people have. Overcoming the fear!

It’s the most common fear in the world. People have put public speaking above a fear of death when asked which they would rather do! So how is it that some people seem super confidence when on stage? What is it about them that means they can stroll about like they own the place?

We believe that anyone can not only overcome the fear of public speaking, but learn to actually enjoy it. Personally, I have gone from being so terrified of public speaking that I quit one job to avoid it, to a person who routinely stands up in front of 100+ people in an auditorium and chats for 10 mins. If I can do it, then it is also possible for you to do it too, and I’m here to show you how.

What you’ll get

In this workbook we’ll help you to:

  • Figure out exactly what it is that you’re afraid of and banish some of those demons.
  • Sneaky confidence hacks for immediately before you go on stage
  • How to alter your physical state, even whilst you’re on stage to look and feel confident
  • Solving your obstacles
Further support

At thebossbusiness we’re all about helping you to achieve your goals as a manager. So we do have other resources in the present with confidence boot camp series. We believe that anyone can deliver an epic presentation and receive fantastic feedback. We want to take you from complete novice to presenting superstar. Whichever stage you’re at we can help, so check out the shop for more support.



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